Congrats Gaukhar and Juan!

Congratulations to Gaukhar Nurbek and Juan Velazquez for graduating this Spring 2024!

Congrats Hector and Daniel!

Congratulations to Hector Lugo and Daniel Masamba for graduating this Spring 2024!

Congrats Tyler!

Congratulations to Tyler Morgan for graduating this Spring 2024!

Intro to Deep Learning Poster Presentation

CSCI 6379 Intro to Deep Learning students present their final projects to their peers and CS faculty in a Poster Presentation held in the EIEAB building.

Gaukhar Nurbek Defends Thesis

Congratulations to Gaukhar Nurbek for successfully defending her thesis on Exploring Graph Neural Networks in Reinforcement Learning before the UTRGV academic committee.

MARL Research is Accepted at ES Symposium!

MI Lab researchers Daniel Masamba and Tyler Morgan have been accepted to present their research project on Cooperative Multi-Robot Tasks using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning at the Engaged Scholar Symposium!

Autoencoders for Efficient RL Poster Presentation

MI Lab researchers Hector Lugo and Arturo Meza present their research project on Latent Potentials Leveraging Autoencoders for Efficient Reinforcement Learning Agents during UTRGV's mid-semester poster presentation.

Photo by Emily Ranquist
Congrats Grads!

Congratulations to our MI graduates Joey Cruz, Erik Guzman, Christian Narcia, and Lesli Perez! You will be missed!

PSJA Student Visit

PSJA students nearing graduation visit the MI Lab. Hopefully we sparked their interest in MI!

Senior Project Presentation

Joey Cruz and Juan Velazquez give an astonishing presentation on AI Drone Racing.

Senior Project Presentation

Erik Guzman gives a brilliant presentation on Collaborative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.

Joey Cruz Hired!

The MI Lab is proud to announce Joey Cruz has accepted a Software Engineering position at Northrop Grumman!

IntelliBeeHive Complete!

IntelliBeeHive project has been completed! Our paper awaits publication. Checkout the preprint!

MI Lab Receives $399K NSF Grant!

The Machine Intelligence Lab receives a $399K grant from the NSF Expanding AI Innovation through Capacity Building and Partnerships award.
The grant will be used for our CAP: STARTER: South Texas AI Research, Training, and Education Resource project.

Erik Guzman Completes Summer Internship

Congratulations to Erik Guzman for completing his Summer 2023 Internship at Invoice Cloud!

Dr. Erik Enriquez Promoted to Dad

Congratulations to Dr. Erik Enriquez for becoming a dad over the summer! We wish him the best in this new journey.

Gaukhar & Juan Complete Summer Internships

Congratulations to Gaukhar Nurbek and Juan Velazquez for completing their Summer 2023 Internships at Uber and Bank of America respectively.

Daniel Castillo Defends Thesis

Congratulations to Daniel Castillo for successfully defending his thesis on Simulating Human Rehabilitation before the UTRGV academic committee.

Christian Narcia Defends Thesis

Congratulations to Christian Narcia for successfully defending his thesis on IntelliBeeHive's Computer Vision before the UTRGV academic committee.

Machine Intelligence Lab Receives $100K Google Grant

The Machine Intelligence Lab has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the CAHSI-Google Institutional Research Program for the 2023-2024 academic year. The grant will help to fund our project: "Towards Robot Understanding Embodying Causal Graphical Models into Robotics". The project aims to integrate causal graphical models into robotic systems, enhancing their understanding and decision-making capabilities.

The CAHSI-Google Institutional Research Program is a collaboration between the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) and Google. The program aims to promote diversity and inclusion in computer science research and education by supporting projects at Hispanic-Serving Institutions across the United States.

IntelliBeeHive website maintenance

Please note that the IntelliBeeHive website will be down for maintenance on 05/22/2023 during 12pm to 6pm. We apologize for any inconvience.

IDEA visit to MI lab

IDEA highschool students visit the MI lab to get a small taste of ongoing projects.

Senior Project Presentations

MI lab members Ryunghoon Ahn, Christian Valdes, Samuel Lee and Angel Peredo present their senior projects. [Read More]

MI Lab Weekly Meeting

The MI Lab members presented their ongoing research projects to other members and guests in the weekly meetings.


MILab team members, Md Ashraful Islam and Joselito Guardado, have graduated from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with their Masters. Congratulations!

Thesis Completed!

MILab team member, Md Ashraful Islam, has successfully completed his thesis defense.

MI Lab Expands!

The MILab welcomes new team members to its ongoing research projects and biweekly meetings.

MI Lab Expands!

The MILab welcomes new team members to its ongoing research projects and biweekly meetings.

MI Poster Session

The MI class at UTRGV hosts a poster session where students were able to present their final projects. [Read More]

MI Lab Meeting

The MILab team meets to discuss current research progress and future projects.

ECE Poster Competition

Christian Aguilar, Michael Cancino, Catalina Diaz, Stephany Lopez, and Allyssa Villanueva win @ ECE Poster Competition! [Read More]

MILab meets with CS Chair

The MILab team had its 4th meeting today with CS department chair Dr. Emmett Tomai to present their ongoing progress.

MILab has its first meeting

The MILab team has met for the first time in its first of many biweekly meetings.

Thesis Completed!

MILab team member, Armando Herrera, has successfully completed his thesis defense.

UTRGV professors receive federal grant

Research by Dr. Kim and Dr. Rampersad-Ammons on honeybee population is funded by the USDA.

New MILab Bulletin

Great news!
You can now be up to date with the lates MI activities/ events by simply visiting our home page.

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